Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

It was our daugther’s 6th birthday this weekend. She asked for a Charlie and the Chocolate Facotry themed party and I agreed. This was such a fun theme to work with! I love the colours and general whimsy of this setting. Details below photo.

This is the party setting that all kids dream about! Giant liquorice allsort seats which we have designed and made ourselves, giant lollipops and candy everywhere, lolly trees for the table and a bright colourful canopy to top everything off! This setting would be perfect for most party themes!

A setting for 10 children is $75.00 and inludes:

– 10 assorted liquorice allsort chairs

– 2 tables

– 3 lolly trees (lollies not included)

– 20 meters of coloured sheer fabric to  form a canopy

– “imagine” sign for table

– liquorice allsort and lollipop signs to put in the garden or around the house

– giant wrapped candy to hang from the cieling.


Toot toot, all aboard our new train themed party!

If your little birthday boy loves his wooden train set, he will just absolutely adore this party setting. Featuring unique train carriage seats and an interactive table centrepiece, it is sure to delight!

The train package includes:

  • 10 train carriage chairs (2 engines, 2 coal carriages, 2 passenger carriages, 2 circus animal carriers and 2 oil carriages)
  • 2 tables
  • Wooden train centrepiece
  • 3 train signs, perfect for putting up the front walk to welcome guests to your front door!
  • Several meters of train – themed buntin

The package is $75.00 for 10 children. Additional chairs are available for $5.00 each. We include any extra tables you may need when hiring extra chairs free of charge.

This package would look great with our blue gazebo!

Wizards and witches

Our new wizards and withces themed party is finally here! Themed in black, purple and silver this setting is sure to create a magical atmosphere. Get the cauldons bubbling and play a game of broom hockey. We think this theme is possibly the most fun one we have made to date.

We would recommend this theme for slightly older children who can get into writing their own spells and who will be totally disgusted by the gory ingredients on our potions shelf. This theme would best suit 5-8 year olds.

We used some very cool balloons from Yoyo balloons in Auckland to add the finishing touches to our theme. You can also add these onto your wizards and witches party for a small additional fee.

This theme is $75.00 and includes:

  • 10 magical purple and silver chairs
  • 2 tables
  • black table cloths with purple and silver table runners
  • three cauldrons with sticks, fire and plastic liners
  • 10 broom sticks
  • large purple and black lanterns
  • witch ornaments for the table
  • potion jars
  • welcoming door sign

Optional extras:

  • extra chairs $5.00 each (any extra tables you may require when you hire extra chairs are free of charge).
  • Birthday throne $10.00 with any hire package
  • 20 meters of black fabric to line walls – $20.00
  • Giant white balloon, witch decal and spotlight to create moon effect – $10.00
  • Three peacock balloons (as shown in cauldrons) – $20.00
  • One packet of 20 yoyo balloons (as shown in cups, makes great party favours)  – $19.00
  • Gazebo – $20.00





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